About the Aggregator

Rather than writing articles ourselves, we are creating a  ‘feed aggregator’ to aggregate RSS streams from the ever increasing local websites and blogs

It is pooling all sorts of local community / charity websites which have feeds, like RylandsToday, Oxjam, Beestonia, Broxtowe Council, Beeston university of the 3rd Age, BeestonPeople, BramcoteToday, Beeston Civic Society, Beeston Festival, Round Table etc into one feed

The idea is that it will create something like a big twitter feed that lets people know what is going on locally

(any other suggestions are welcome -e.g. Wollaton Hall who unfortunately has no website afaik )
If you don’t have a feed, the aggregator will pick up any posts that you get put onto one of the sites included. These will then appear to a much wider Beeston audience in the aggregator

( you can set up a filtered feed to only have certain posts picked up – details below )

We suggest putting a post out once a month, during any quiet season, just to keep people aware of your events

Note: This feed doesn’t automatically show new items – you have to refresh your browser, if you want to see if a new post has come up